It is the Random Nature Podcast Launch Party! I gathered these cool friends together for an hour of random nature story sharing fun!
Elizabeth Sobel, Phd
Dorothy Kim, PhD
John Handel, PhD
Karin Dalziel, M.A., and artist
Raquel Bryant, Phd
Mary Shelly, attorney and law librarian
Steven Nelson, attorney
Hanieh Molana, PhD
Learotha Williams, PhD
K.T. Ewing, PhD
Caroline Propersi-Grossman, PhD
Hannah Albert-Abrams PhD
Dhanashree Thorat, Phd
to talk the most random nature moment in their lives.

It was a lighthearted gathering that was filled with stories of stumbling into badger dens (Liz Sobel), raucous Northern Mockingbirds (John Handel), and gators.

alligator seen on Bluff Lake in MS (credit:me, Christy)
The song I tried to play that would not work in the zoom. Grazin in the Grass (I do not own the rights to this music) Artist: The Friends of Distinction
Album: Grazin’
Released: 1969

Here is a link to the episode:


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