Punitive Landscape: Geographies of Escape and Concealment

This essay assesses relevant sources in the account of Ann Clarke’s escape from slavery with a view to examining how the political landscape of the Kansas Territory impeded or facilitated her escape. In identifying the zones of containment, concealment, and wayfinding this paper will illuminate how enslaved freedom seekers and their abolitionist allies circumvented the punitive landscape of Kansas Territory.

Slave Narrative Set in the Great Dismal Swamp Now Available on Audiobook: Moses Grandy’s Life

For Moses Grandy, his end in telling his story of enslavement was to reveal the horrors of slavery as he experienced it as well as use the proceeds of the sale of his book to purchase his enslaved children’s freedom who had been sold further south into Louisiana from the Virginia/North Carolina border.

An Historical Geographer Reviews @fotmproject #dh #HGIS #slaveryarchive

Upon visiting the site I am impressed by its design. It is not cluttered or busy and the layout lends itself to the subject at hand in a manner that signals the gravity of the content contained. A difficult balance for projects dealing with traumatic records.
Very nicely done.

Wadmalaw Island, SC: In pictures

North Charleston Above: The road to Wadmalaw Island. Hwy 171 to 700 A strong oak. Spanish Moss. Bear Bluffs Fish Hatchery on Wadmalaw Island. Me-- taking in the psychic resonances of my Gullah ancestors. Map at Bears Bluff Fish Hatchery. It was an amazing experience to be there. To be where, historically, my ancestors worked … Continue reading Wadmalaw Island, SC: In pictures

Abraham Lincoln in Edinburgh; Markers of Race

I've recently returned from my research trip to Scotland and it was wonderful. One of the most striking things I saw outside of the beauty of the architecture of Glasgow and Edinburgh was a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Edinburgh. I am always interested in iconography, memory, and transatlantic linkages to freedom and unfreedom. Built … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln in Edinburgh; Markers of Race

Notes on Schermerhorn’s “Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism”

Calvin Schermerhorn’s The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism “details the interstate United States slave trade at the level of the firm.”[1] Schermerhorn investigates slave traders who were business insiders as well as merchants using financial processes that characterized raw ambition. The monetary flows influencing the roots of American capitalism through these … Continue reading Notes on Schermerhorn’s “Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism”

“1696 Danckerts Map of Florida, the West Indies, and the Caribbean” #HGIS #georeference #Mexico

The reason this map captured my attention is because it showed Mexico as it was rendered by colonial geographers. Interestingly enough my focus on the map was less concerned with the hegemonic recasting of these landscapes deployed by Spanish conquistadors. My interest was in Malintzin, the enslaved Indigenous woman who was sold to Hernan Cortes, … Continue reading “1696 Danckerts Map of Florida, the West Indies, and the Caribbean” #HGIS #georeference #Mexico