Random Nature Episode 2 Ravynn STringfield phd

Episode 2 debuts today and we are in the studio with writer, artist, and university professor, Ravynn Stringfield! Get into it. Learn about her time growing up in Suffolk, VA spending time with family, becoming a community celebrity as Miss Peanut Festival Queen, and her green thumb when it comes to sunflowers!

Hey it’s Ravynn Stringfield, PhD!

Listen to the episode here :


Love in 280 Characters or Less- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/61927999-love-in-280-characters-or-less

Wakefield, VA- http://wakefieldva.org/

Suffolk, VA- https://www.suffolkva.us/

Peanut Festival of Suffolk, VA- http://www.suffolkpeanutfest.com/

Sunflower Gardening- https://www.gardenhealth.com/advice/plants-flowers/how-to-grow-sunflowers

Birdsong Peanut Factory in Suffolk, VA