Random Nature, my New Podcast

This is a podcast about how academics view the natural world and their place within it. I discuss many aspects of nature with a view to amplifying various causes of conservation and sustainability. My first guest is Noreen Masud a writer and professor based in Bristol, England. She has lived in many places and having her as a first guest is such a treat. Speaking of firsts, the first episode does contain a few annoying uh’s from me, so try to ignore that and continue to listen on. I hope you enjoy Random Nature.

Noreen Masud photographed for BBC New Generation Thinkers 2020

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Noreen Masud shares how the outdoors and wildlife inform her day to day. From the city of Lahore and the  pines of northern Pakistan to the moors of Newcastle, Noreen Masud’s approach to nature is unique and multifaceted.

Learn more:

A Flat Place, by Noreen Masud ( Hamish/Hamilton UK/Melville House US, summer 2023)


Hard Language: Stevie Smith and the Aphorism, by Noreen Masud ( Oxford University Press, December 2022)

Newcastle Moor


Severn Beach

Nanga Parbat


Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan