Coming Soon! Co-authored Essay

We argue for a Black aesthetic and praxis that transforms power relations. We recognize our positionality as Black scholars disrupting disciplinary boundaries, and we urge an enacting of this aesthetic while navigating the existing obstacles within institutions. We therefore construct Black digital humanities as a liberation project, one in which Black identity and culture are reasserted to incorporate the subject’s sense of his/her/them self/selves.

Nishani Frazier in BLACK IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT: Restoring Black Visibility and Liberation to Digital Humanities with Christy Hyman and Hilary Green in Debates in the Digital Humanities 2023 eds. Matt Gold and Lauren Klein. University of Minnesota Press

We are so excited! We hope you enjoy it and use it in your classrooms.

featured image is by my daughter Chastity Hyman. Title is Magic Mind. Oil on Canvas, 2019. Lincoln, Nebraska.