Happy 16th Birthday in Heaven to My Son, I love you

I am going to share something beautiful about my son on every birthday of his.

He was an amazing artist…and Lego builder.

.This was the beginning of a portrait he did of my mother when she was 19. He was experimenting with the stippling technique.

And during the pandemic he taught himself piano.

My son was a gifted artist. He loved nature and animals. He especially loved to sit on the balcony and watch birds. This, of course, influenced my grief healing journey through birding.

I hope you all will wish Ricky a happy birthday with me and his family today.

We love him so very much. We miss him terribly, but we are remembering him each and every day, sending his spirit forth in love and good works is how we cope.

“The time of heaven—the time dimension that we enter when we leave this body—allows for the full expression of those selves that we worked so hard to develop in life.”

Eben Alexander, in The Map of Heaven (pg, 79)