Christmas Wishes, Christmas Remembrance

Photo-essay of December 25, 2021. The second Christmas since our beloved Ricky, Jr. made his departure to Heaven.

Christmas 2011, Laurinburg, N.C. (l to r. Chastity, Ricky (notice his pointing finger) and myself)
We love you and will never forget you. Our Angel in Heaven (Chastity, myself, and Ricky’s portrait).
The first thing I did was get up to meditate at Conestoga Lake preserve to write a letter in Ricky’s memory book.
Food I prepared.
This is in Laurinburg, N.C. My mother decorated Ricky’s garden sign with Holiday Cheer. Very sweet of her.

“We are trying to articulate ourselves again… We might decide to do something with our wounds… The wounds are not things to be cured all the time… Old ways reinscribe old patterns… A power is at work resuscitating the agency of grieving…”para’d from Bayo Akomolafe

Keep going.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes, Christmas Remembrance

  1. Hello, I know it’s been a while since Ricky has passed but it’s taken me a while to reach out and try harder to contact his family. My name is Grace Gauthier and I was Ricky’s closest friend. We talked everyday and he told me all about you guys. He liked me a lot, I was his crush. He always told me how beautiful I was. He truly was such a kind soul. I miss him so much. And I just wanted to let you know that Ricky wasn’t alone…he had me.


      1. Hey, sorry for the late response. But thank you for telling me that. Is there a way I can message you privately? I want to open up to you about him if that’s ok? If not I understand completely.

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