Update on My Son’s Memorial Scholarship Fund

But first, thank you 

On August 3, 2021 in Springfield, MO my daughter and I along with friends remembered my son. This was the place  where he grew up  before we moved to Lincoln in 2015. 
It was a small, socially distanced gathering of vaccinated friends showing love for our beloved Ricky who went to Heaven last year on August 3, 2020.
I want to thank you for donating to Ricky’s Memorial Scholarship Fund. This has warmed my heart completely and has given me so much warmth in my aching moments of grief knowing that so many people are invested in honoring my son’s Living Legacy.
Financials and Launch Date Because of donations over the past year the fund has amounted to $10,102.87. The funding goal is $15,000 which will allow one different student per year for five consecutive years to receive a $2,500 scholarship with a $500 gift certificate for books/art supplies.

I will continue funding the memorial scholarship through various means beyond that initial five years. Ricky would have graduated from Lincoln High School in Spring 2024. That is the year the scholarship fund will award its first recipient. Thank you again. 

Future Ventures My plan is to continue in honoring Ricky’s memory through helping students in the arts, but also his love of Nature. Ricky loved birds, insects, trees, and flowers and I plan to establish a 501c3 to build Native Plant gardens in communities with limited greenspace.

I anticipate this happening in 2025.
“Ricky’s Bright Light” by Corina Karstenberg, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2020.

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