I Started a #Birding Blog!

And the first post went up today!

I am beginning this blog as part of my #selfcare and #griefwork. Now that Spring is here my heart is opened even more. I am sending my son’s spirit forth in love through sitting in nature and being grateful for this beautiful Earth.

Here is the blog logo by my daughter Chastity

I also have a twitter and instagram presence for this blog. Through this blog I can share my birding photos as well as follow important causes that are very close to my heart: Environmental Justice, Wildlife Conservation, Climate Advocacy, and Deep Ecology. I also will follow Wildlife Education programs. My plan is to establish a memorial foundation that in addition to funding black students in their degrees in the arts, promotes Environmental Education Programs in under-served communities and explores community gardening projects. All this is in the works and I plan to launch the foundation the same year that Ricky would have graduated high school- 2024.

But as for the blog, the first post can be found here

Thanks for reading!

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