Celebrating my Son in Heaven on his Birthday #Griefjourney #LifeafterLoss

I love my son Ricky so much. I wake up thinking of him and he is my last thought before falling off to sleep each night. Now that he is in Heaven, I knew that I would continue to honor him every single day and especially on his birthday: March 11.

My daughter and I drove to his favorite place, my parent’s house in Laurinburg.

What follows is a photo essay of our celebration of Ricky on this birthday:

Ricky as a baby with his big sister Chastity.
Ricky’s Celebration Program. Due to COVID, my vaccinated parents and my COVID tested daughter I only were there.
I ordered butterflies for a butterfly release.
My father digs the hole where Ricky’s memorial tree, a Live Oak, will go.
Butterfly Release, my Father helps wake up some of the reluctant butterflies.
My father was able to get them to fly off! My mother marvels at the scene.
Libations to celebrate the life of our beloved Ricky.
One of Ricky’s butterflies lingered afterwards.
I will always honor my Angel Son. As long as I live. Happy 15th Birthday my son.

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