Rare Books and Grief Work

A bit of research excitement- I managed to get my hands on an extremely rare book that was published by the Norfolk, VA Historical Society in 1968.

Elizabeth Curtis Wallace’s reminisces cover the period 1863-64 and provide a glimpse of Great Dismal Swamp-adjacent plantation life as the Civil War raged on.

The only works I have seen this book cited where the Great Dismal Swamp landscape is central are in Jack Temple Kirby’s Poquoson (1995) and in Architectural Resource reports related to Historic Register applications for structures related to the Wallace family of Glencoe/Wallaceton area of Norfolk County *** In 1963 Norfolk County was annexed to City of Chesapeake, VA.

I am lucky to have been able to land this rare book.

As I continue working through my grief journey such research excitement is good for me.

Right now I am devoting a lot of my grief work to meditation, remembering my son’s beautiful life, and tending to the memorial fall container garden on my patio porch which I created very recently as a tribute to his love of nature and insects.

It appears to be a very young stickbug grasshopper taking a rest on some of Ricky’s coneflower. Ricky LOVED stickbugs(and grasshoppers). He would always point them out to me with great excitement.
Cranberry Crush Hibiscus in bloom
Ricky’s Painted Nettle. Very good for fall.

I will check in here from time to time. Grief is unpredictable but I am floating along its wave with love, devotion, healing, and purpose.

Asters Mums for Ricky
Ricky loved interesting looking plants like Cuban Oregano. The more unique the better.
Ricky’s garden has a bountiful new set of mums.
A viney new Echeveria.
Ricky told me about mandalas when he was 12. He’d taught himself to draw them. I bought a mandala necklace with fresh flowers inside to remind me of the vision.

Can you spot the hummingbird? A frequent visitor to the Salvia. Hummingbirds provide the message that the sweetest nectar of life lies within— in our hearts.
Can you spot the Blue Holly and Coral Berry?
Can you spot the Rugosa Rose?
My heart and the Cross. My son’s birthstone(Aquamarine) intertwined with mine (Zircon). #loveneverdies