Black Love Black Futures #RECAP in Photos #BHM

Many of you are aware that I have a daughter Chastity Hyman sophomore B.FA art student living, working and loving here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Followers of my blog are aware that I commissioned her to do a depiction of former enslaved canal laborer Moses Grandy last summer.IMG-2130

But on February 14, 2020, my daughter Chastity Hyman participated in an amazing art event organized by artist/curator/community advocate Kat Wiese.  Wiese wanted this event to demonstrate “the capacity of art as an investment in cultural identity to connect the community.” Below are scenes

Statement of Significance

Chastity Hyman
My daughter strikes a pose before the event.

Shawn Ryba, Executive Director of South of Lincoln Downtown Community Development, welcomes guests to Black Love Black Futures! find out more about their work here
Guest view my daughter’s art

Guests enjoy the jazzy sounds of Pocket Change; musical selections were groovy.
My son and I
My 13 year old son, Ricky, was glad to dress up in his best Afro Futuristic Dashiki to support his sister Chastity. And there is me in my Afrofuturistic Nymph makeup.
Chastity's Best Friends!
Chastity has such great friends. Misaki, Maia, and Aviane(l to r) are wonderfully bright sophomores at UNL who support my daughter’s work. They are truly the best set of friends.
CDRH Friends
My dear friend and colleagues Laura Weakly (left) and Karin Dalziel(right) came out to support the artists. Pictured in middle is Karin’s husband Geoff!
Pocket Change
Another view of the band, Pocket Change!
Kat Wiese’s masterpiece

Here is a slideshow of the artists at the event- Check it out

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