Many Excellent People #Appreciation

I want to say thank you. I want to thank this vibrant intellectual community of scholars listed here who over the past few years have helped me by sitting down with me one on one to help improve my writing, putting my name up for opportunities, providing helpful resources, or writing letters of recommendation. These scholars come from a variety of disciplines, but what they all have in common is their generosity and collegiality in finding the time to help a PhD student like myself.

I am not from an elite background.

I am the daughter of North Carolina and South Carolina sharecroppers who worked hard and did the best they could to raise a generation who would value education. And from their perseverance and strivings I entered into the journey of higher education.

I have witnessed some excellent scholarship from everyone on this list and today I just want to write out their names to let them know I much I appreciate their support. I have keyed their names as hyperlinks so readers can find out more about the amazing work they do.


Matt Cohen 

Liz Lorang

Kay Walter

Heather Richards-Rissetto

Carolyn Heitman

Kenneth Winkle

Patrick Jones

David Wishart

Robert Shepard

Joe Starita

Lory Dance

Deirdre Cooper-Owens

James D. Le Sueur

Jim Downs

Brian Rosenblum

Dave Tell

Sharon Block

Hannah Alpert-Abrams

Terri Snyder

Jamila Moore Pewu

Bess Sadler

Darren Purcell

Robert Baker

Trevor Munoz

Jennifer Guiliano

Simon James Morgan

Marc Garrett

Steven Ball

Bryan Arroyo

Marisa Parham

Anelise Shrout

Susan Powell

Stace Maples

Andy Rutkowski

Calvin Schermerhorn

Bryan Carter

Josh Piker

Ed Baptist

David Silkenat

Wesley Hogan

Richard Cox

Eric Sheppard




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