Notes on Exuberance- #Dance

BackForth from Christy on Vimeo.

In some religions dance is integral to attaining a higher level of consciousness. Dancing is transformative. It is the release of feeling, the engagement with sound, the perception of tones acting on the body.

I am dancing here because I am happy. The semester is done. Commitments are fulfilled and I am going forward in my journey toward finishing my dissertation.

The dance room in the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film at the University of Nebraska Lincoln is deserted in the time between Spring semester and summer session. I went in there on Friday and filmed myself dancing in silence. That is the beauty of dance. One does not have to hear the sound, one can refer to perception of tones still present in the mind’s eye.

Later that day I imported the footage into FinalCut Pro and added a track by Dornik called “Strong”

When is the last time you danced?

Peace and love.

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