This was my first OAH and I’d always heard great things about this conference gathering. I was fortunate enough to have two panels accepted and I was able to present on one (“Forms of Freedom”) as graduate students can only be on one panel at a time per meeting.

I saw many historians receive awards and it was quite uplifting. People I regularly read and cite like Tera Hunter, Daina Ramey Berry, Thavolia Glymph, Jessica Marie Johnson, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Linda Kerber, Sharon Block and many others were in attendance sharing their work. I heard some good news from Alisha Hines(Duke) and met Robert Baker for the first time in person(he was our panel chair) though it felt like we were already friends due to our twitter banter.

My friend/colleague Linda Garcia Merchant presented as well and she enjoyed connecting with colleagues of hers in Latin American studies while at OAH. Linda does DH, Chicanx Studies, Film, and Rhetoric and said she’d remain a member of OAH because she’d had such a great time.

Linda captured the featured image of me while I presented-thanks Linda and thanks to the OAH planning committee for a wonderful gathering.

One thought on “#OAH18

  1. It was my pleasure to make the most of an opportunity to connect with history and historians in many ways I had not considered for my own work. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful organization that is making a way for those of us not directly in the discipline, but practicing aspects of it, regularly.

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