Home stretch- Road to ABD

Some may have noticed that I have not posted much since December and this is because I am working on several projects that span an array of disciplines. I take my comps in Fall  2018 which means making sure that my analysis of texts in my reading lists are settled and effective. Additionally I am working on a public history project in the UK related to my study on a formerly enslaved canal labor Moses Grandy and British abolitionist George Donisthorpe Thompson. There is also the short film which takes a portion of my time and two writing commitments that are due in mid February and March respectively. There is also research travel to the Library of Congress, conference travel to California and project management and presentation in the UK in March also.

I also have commitments related to my investment in #GIS, libraries, geospatial technologies and the way such tools/resources help inform my study on environmental history aspects within the Great Dismal Swamp.

I say all that to say this, thank you for you occasional visits to this site and I am hopeful that I will update with more content very soon. I wish everyone good luck in all of their endeavors.

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